Travelling To A Spanish-Speaking Country?
Survive in Spanish!
Learn the Spanish You Need to Survive Any Situation and Have the Trip of a Lifetime, in 2 Weeks or Less
... even if you're a complete beginner
  • Planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, but speak little or no Spanish right now?
  • Want to learn the key phrases you need to survive in "neutral Spanish" so that you can be understood whatever country you travel to?
  • Wondering how to make the most out of your trip with the minimum time and effort?
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I recently bought your 'Survive in Spanish'. I've only just got into it but am really glad I did - it's fantastic, so much better and more relevant, as you mentioned, than so many of the 'phrase books' out there.
- Eleni Gotsis
"I have no idea what you just said!"
This is what I was thinking a few years ago.

I had arrived in Spain, excited to experience the local culture and looking forward to the best trip of my life!

I'd even been studying Spanish for a few months beforehand, and thought that I would be OK when I arrived in the country.

But I was wrong.

When I actually arrived in Spain, not only could I not understand a word of what the locals said, but I couldn't even say the basic things I needed.

I felt horrible, and embarrassed with myself.

You see, even if you spend months studying a language, that's no guarantee that it will be of any use to you when you actually travel.

It's not your fault - it's just the outdated way we get taught languages.

When I went home, I made it my mission to become fluent in Spanish.
What Usually Happens On A Trip Abroad
Use English!
You have to ask for everything in English, and rely on the locals to try and understand you!
Scared of speaking
Speaking with locals starts to become scary, and you feel ashamed for not speaking a even a little!
Missing out
You miss out on some great experiences because you can't communicate or connect with the people you meet
Even if you do try to speak a little, you stutter over the pronunciation and your memory fails you… so you go back to English
You do what everyone else does, and vow to “learn Spanish!” when you get back home
Less Is Definitely More!
You're smart. You're not setting out to become fluent in Spanish in a few weeks.

But you do want to learn just enough so that you can have the best possible time on your trip.

Good news… you can learn from my mistakes!

You see, although I'd studied for months, I couldn't actually speak when I arrived in Spain.

My big breakthrough came when I decided to learn a small number of really important words and phrases (the kind you actually need when you're abroad), and practise them enough to become confident with them.

If you try to learn too much, you end up not being able to say anything (trust me, it's the mistake that everyone makes).

You don't need to know hundreds of words and grammar rules. You don't even need 99% of the stuff in that glossy phrasebook you've just bought.

What I've put together for you is a concise collection of vitally important Spanish words and phrases that you need to survive on your trip, and make the most out of every minute.

Sound good?
Learn What You Need in 2 Weeks or Less
My big breakthrough in learning Spanish came when I realised something very simple: The key to surviving and making the most out of your trip is to learn a small number of vital words and phrases, and practise them enough so that you're confident enough to actually use them when you get there.

- Olly Richards
That's right. I'm not here to say that I'm going to "teach you Spanish" in a few weeks. That's just not possible.

But what I will do, is show you exactly what you need to learn in the next couple of weeks, so that you can survive your trip, connect with the locals, and have the best experience possible.

If I was promising to make you fluent in Spanish, then you'd be entitled to doubt whether that was possible.

But can you learn a small number of carefully-chosen words and phrases, and become confident in using them in a couple of weeks?

Of course you can!

By being ultra-selective and very smart with what you try to learn, you can learn the basic Spanish you need in a matter of hours, however busy you are.
  •  Greeting people with confidence wherever you go, so you can shake off that "touristy" image
  •  Chatting to the waiter in real Spanish, and asking for his best recommendations from the menu, so you have that "perfect meal" every time
  • Having the confidence to approach people for whatever you need, so you can survive in any situation and relax on your trip
  •  Knowing exactly how to ask locals for the best places to eat or drink in the area, so you take advantage of "insider knowledge" and make the most of every minute
Why Should You Pay Attention to Me?
I speak 8 languages, having spent almost 15 years travelling the world and living abroad.

These days, I make a living from teaching others the skills they need to learn languages quickly. Over 50,000 people a month learn from me on my website and podcast: I Will Teach You A Language, and my best-selling books on Amazon.

In other words, I stake my reputation on getting people results in their language learning!
Olly's advice on language learning is the real deal, and I recommend you pay attention to what he has to say!

- Benny Lewis
Make This The Best Trip Ever... in Only 2 Weeks!
Survive your trip to Spain or Latin America with the essential Spanish you need to have the best experience ever!
  •  Learn the Spanish you need in 2 weeks or less to survive in key situations, so you can relax and have the best experience possible!
  •  Discover how to study in such a way that you will actually be able to use the Spanish you learn… not just study hard, but draw a blank when it comes time to speak!
  •  Learn to ask the locals for their recommendations, so you can get away from the crowds and discover the real local gems
  •  Perfect your pronunciation, so you can say what you learn with confidence and a smile, and make closer ties with the people you meet!
Introducing... Survive in Spanish
The Philosophy of the Guide
“I want to give the locals the respect they deserve by speaking some Spanish with them whilst I'm in their country. By using a small amount of their language, I will feel good, endear myself to the locals, make the most out of the trip, and make a lot more friends.
I don’t need to be fluent, but I do want to say a few useful and courteous things with confidence, in order to have the best experience possible."
Ch.1 Prep for success
Learn exactly how to use the guide so that you can learn the Spanish you need quickly, however busy you are
Ch.2 Mindset tricks
Understand exactly how to practice what you learn so that you can confidently and accurately use the Spanish you’re learning by the time you get on the plane, and not get tongue-tied when you arrive!
Ch.3 Survival Situations
Get real about what situations you will actually be able to use your Spanish on during your trip. Remember, this stuff works, because we don’t try to do too much. By picking the most useful situations in which you can use your Spanish, and preparing thoroughly for them, you maximise your chances of success!
Ch.4. Survival Spanish
My complete collection of no-fail Spanish words and phrases that you need to learn for your trip. Avoid defaulting into English by learning these thoroughly. Carefully organised into specific situations:

• Dealing with situations where you don’t understand what’s being said - avoid looking like a clueless tourist 
• Fail-proof greetings you can use in any cafe, restaurant, shop or tourist attraction - bring on goodwill and smiles wherever you go, with a warm “hello”, “good morning” or “how’s it going?" 
• Finding the undiscovered gems - learn to confidently ask the locals for the best cafes, bars and restaurants, so you can toss your Lonely Planet and discover the real places the locals go to 
• Numbers - for counting, shopping and ordering beers! 
• Restaurants 101 - order what you want in real Spanish 
• Transport 101 - get where you need to go, and buy the right ticket 
• Directions 101 - ask how to find whatever you’re looking for 
• Shopping 101 - buy what you need, and don’t get ripped off 
• Medical 101 - how to get help...just in case
A No-Brainer To Prepare For Your Trip!
Just how much is having a unique experience on your travels worth to you?

You might say that it’s “priceless”. But unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

With language learning, the problem is not the price of the book or course that you choose to buy (although some do cost $100s). The problem is that most of them simply don’t work for you.

The real value in this guide is that it works.

It works because of the “less is more” approach. You won’t learn huge amounts of Spanish, but the things you do learn will be relevant and useful. And because there’s a sensible amount of it, you’ll be able to learn to use it with confidence.

And the best part?

For all these reasons, the guide is short, and the price has been kept down.

So it’s not the fact that you save $100s on an expensive course that will take you months of study to complete and won’t help you on your trip.

It’s the fact that it works, and that you’re guaranteed to use it to have the most satisfying and rewarding cultural experience ever, with only 2 weeks of preparation. 

Now, how much is that worth to you?
Memory Training Cheatsheet
uick-reference English and Spanish cheatsheets to help you test yourself on the phrases and commit them to memory.
Audio Recordings
Pronunciation Trainer
Also available are audio recordings of all the Spanish phrases and memory trainers in the guide...

1. Simple English-Spanish audio recordings of everything in the guide, so you can check your pronunciation, sound as much like a native as possible, and speak with confidence

2. Spanish-only recordings, so you can listen and practise recognising the phrases... whether at home, in the gym or on the train

3. English-only recordings, which prompt you to listen and produce the Spanish phrase from memory, so you can train your memory to the max and never forget a thing!
Cast-Iron Guarantee
I’m a big believer that you should be able to buy online with confidence, and that’s why I offer a 90-day cast-iron guarantee with this guide.

If you buy this guide and find that it’s not for you, or you don’t like it for whatever reason, just send me an email within 90 days and I’ll refund your money right away - no questions asked. 

It’s the right thing to do, and I stand by that guarantee.
Let's Get Started!
With my awesome guide, that will teach you the Spanish you need to survive and have the best experience on your trip, plus the money-back guarantee, this is an offer you can’t afford to miss!

I don’t want you to be reading this page again in a few months, after you’ve come back from your trip, wondering how different it may have been if you’d taken a few hours of your time to learn the Spanish you needed!

You’re excited, you’re energised, and it’s not every day that we get to travel!

So scroll down and hit “Buy Now” right now and let’s get started!
Your eBook will be available for instant download after payment
How much time will I need to learn everything in the guide?
The guide has been kept short so that a very busy person can learn and practice all the Spanish within 2 weeks, studying for around 30 minutes per day. However, everyone learns differently, so you might like to spend more or less time on the exercises. You can certainly do it in less time if you’re prepared to work a bit harder!
Is this a Spanish course or textbook?
No, this is not a complete Spanish course. This is a guide that contains the most useful Spanish phrases and expressions I know to make the most out of your trip. If you are looking for a complete Spanish course, this is not for you.
Which variety of Spanish do you use in the guide?
I’ve used a neutral variety of Spanish throughout, which will be understood perfectly wherever you go. I’ve avoided any slang terms or expressions that are unique to one particular country, so you can use all the words and phrases with confidence and without fear of embarrassment!
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